About Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has had a very interesting life. She came into the world on November 23, 1992 and has made her presence known ever since. Her parents are Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus. Billy Ray is known for his country music super stardom. Miley was originally named Destiny Hope Cyrus but she decided to change her name to Miley after she had always been called Smiley.

The always provocative Miley grew up on a farm and she has two biological siblings. She also has three siblings that are half siblings. Miley loved acting as a kid which led her parents to decide to let her appear on the show "Doc" which starred Billy Ray. 
She did so well that she got a job as the lead character on Hannah Montana in 2004. The next year, her parents decided that they would support her efforts and move to Los Angeles. She also decided to start singing. She decided in 2008 to change her image with revealing pictures that were published in Vanity Fair. Today, she continues to push the envelope with her risque behavior.

Update on 8/20/2015:  It seems there is even a parody of the Miley Cyrus sex tape @ leakedcelebritytape.com -- that definitely looks a ton like Miley Cyrus... what does everyone else think?  That short haircut is pretty atrocious, but Miley continues to push the limits of normalcy with her behavior.  It would not surprise us if she really made a sex tape with someone!!  Who wouldn't watch that!